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Puerto Rico is an Athlete’s Paradise

Puerto Rico is an incredible mecca for athletes and paradise. The two naturally attract. The cool blue waters and perfect weather allows for all types of outdoor sports. One of the most popular sports on the island is  baseball. Baseball is a natural favorite of the locals and such star athletes as Carlos Beltran, Roberto […]

José Ramon Fernández “Marqués de La Esperanza”

Jose Ramon Fernandez is one of the wealthiest men to live in the 19th century Spanish Caribbean area. He achieved his wealth through being a sugar baron. In fact he was the wealthiest sugar baron in all of Puerto Rico. Through his wealth he was able to achieve vast amounts of influence and power in […]

Old San Juan Churches

Mostly known for its bustling nightlife, delightful cuisine, and scenic beaches Old San Juan also possesses other remarkable treasures that must be seen while visiting the town. With deep historical roots throughout the town Old San Juan is home to numerous churches. Each church has a unique history and personality making it more than worth […]

Salsa Music

Salsa music originated in Cuba but gained world wide popularity in the 1970’s. It became popular through a group of Puerto Rican musicians in New York who were playing afro-cuban music which developed into what is now known as salsa. Salsa is a dance music with its most defining characteristic being the use of a […]

Experiencing the Puerto Rican Beats

Puerto Rican music is the most well-known Caribbean sound heard throughout the United States. Many people associate the unique beats and rhythms as part of the passionate Latin American dance numbers commonly seen in dance competitions and many dance clubs throughout America.   Puerto Rican music is always a sure way to get you tapping your […]

Puerto Rican Great Eats

Puerto Rican cuisine may share some similarities with Cuban and Spanish cooking, but it still carries a great deal of flavor from other cultures as well.  A lot of Puerto Rican cooking blends African, Taino, and even some American flavors to get its own unique taste.  Some common ingredients typically found in Puerto Rican food […]