Puerto Rico is an Athlete’s Paradise

Puerto Rico is an incredible mecca for athletes and paradise. The two naturally attract. The cool blue waters and perfect weather allows for all types of outdoor sports. One of the most popular sports on the island is  baseball. Baseball is a natural favorite of the locals and such star athletes as Carlos Beltran, Roberto Alomar, and Roberto Clemente have emerged from here. The park Hiran Birthorn Stadium in Hato Rey, San Juan is famous for its November through January games. It is not a Major League field but nonetheless it is famous for being the playing field of the stars before they were stars.

In a completely different league, no pun intended, is the vibrant sport of kayaking, which is also a local favorite.  Nothing beats the colorful display of boats in the sparkling waters. A true action sport, kayaking can be competitive or a perfect outdoor family activity. One thing in certain, Pueto Rico is the perfect place to kayak. There are numerous tourism packages that will bring you the whole aquatic package and let you snorkle and kayak in the same deal. One of the most incredible experiences is Kayaking through one of three of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays near San Juan. There is nothing more mirculous than visiting the bays where long-living microorganisms thrive in the non-polluted water. The reason for this is because when the paddle of the kayak or anyone swims in or disturbs the water, the microorganisms light up the water like a glowstick. It is truly magical. Even when the initial glow subsides, the water still twinkles as the disruption dies down. These bays in Puerto Rico attract travelers from all over the world to stand in awe of the luminous waters.

Glow kayaking is the perfect night time activity, but the next day you will be aching to continue your magical adventure in Puerto Rico. Consider relaxing in an beautiful catamaran sailboat that goes onward to the deserted and gorgeous island of lcacos. This relaxing island is perfect for collecting seashells, taking a dip in the blue waters, sunbathing, or swimming and snorkeling. The best part about this trip is that there is a fantastic coral reef that is breathtaking. In the lonelyplanet.com package for $85, you can also enjoy the sailboat adventure and receive complimentary Pina Coladas by the Barefoot III or Stampede ship crew. Enjoy a picnic also served on board as you anchor by the gorgeous coral reef and have the option to take special snorkeling instruction lessons. It is a jam-packed beautiful package and one that cannot be missed.

The next day of your San Juan trip can be spent by visitng Rent The Bicycle. This eco-friendly company will show you Old San Juan by renting eco-friendly bicycles for the day. This daytrip features safe bike paths, an optional tour guide, helmets and biycyle fitting and a beautiful tour through some of the best spots in Puerto Rico. Cruise through the town and enjoy the scenes, sights and smells of this colorful town. You can view the forts and the Capitol building. You can explore the Old City Gate, Cathedral and Paseo de Princesa. In the Pinones nature board walk, you can ride past gorgeous beaches and lush deep forests. It is definitely a top tour to take that is much better than exploring the city by foot. Being able to speed through Old San Juan on a bike will allow you to view much more of the town and explore so many more sights to see.